• Key Issues Institute-Keystone Science School

    A teacher training Institute in Silverthorne, Colo. that provides middle and high school educators with the process, skills and confidence to investigate current environmental issues with their students using non-biased teaching methods.

    Creeks to Coast-Georgia Aquarium

    A workshop led by Georgia Aquarium staff where middle and high school teachers work down the Chattahoochee River system in Georgia and Florida to study environmental and watershed issues.

    Founders Fellowship – Bill of Rights Institute

    This professional development conference in Washington, DC provides high school teachers with the materials, insight and understanding necessary to effectively teach Civil Liberty, Commerce and the Constitution from 1776 to the present day.

  • Brochure: From the Forest

    Trees are a natural supply of valuable chemicals. Cellulose, the wood fiber used for making pulp and paper, is also used in many products.

    Video: Test Your Treevia

    Test your knowledge on tree-based trivia

    Activity: People and Trees

    Follow these step-by-step guidelines for planting a tree.

  • Brochure: Paper Recycling

    Paper can be recycled because it’s made from wood, and it separates back into fibers when soaked in water.

    Video: Harmon

    Where do 6 million tons of paper go?

    Activity: Paper Recycling

    Make your own recycled paper in eight easy steps.

  • Brochure: The Right Chemistry

    Chemistry is the study of matter – what it’s made of and how it reacts/combines to create new chemicals.

    Lesson Plan: The Right Chemistry

    By studying chemical reactions we can create new products that improve our lives.

    Activity: Magic Pennies

    See how chemical reactions occur using common items.